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Anonymous: Don't be rude

dunt tell mi wat 2 du


"Retract" (2014) film stills

got some film back from a few weeks ago
Anonymous: How would you deal with frequent anxiety attacks?

If I knew it was anxiety attacks i would try to tell my parents about it that I am having real anxiety attacks and would get an appointment to see a doctor to get some medication for constant anxiety attacks. I would not bring others into it, I would not talk to people about it or constantly bring it up to friends nor would I do anything in the way which many people state their anxiety to the world when it is actually just called being emotional.

If I was having serious anxiety attacks I would treat it like it seriously like it is suppose to be.


Jimmy Kets
Hotel Kets

Geric Alonzo / untitled V2Mixed media on Paper / 2013.
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A Free Soul (Dir. Clarence Brown, 1931)
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